Indian Creek Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

After a few years of messing around with backyard chickens we finally got turned on to a new development breed of Wyandottes being bred in Europe and in the States, the Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (BLRW). A bird possessed of all the elegance we’ve come to expect in the laced varieties, but not nearly so ubiquitous as many of the more common Wyandotte varieties such as the silver or gold laced. A BLRW that comes close to the Standard of Perfection is a very rare sight in Canada. The North American line so far as we’ve been able to determine sprang from the much revered breeder, Gerry Foley. His BLRWs have become legends, much sought after, and sell at auctions for close to $1000 USD (the last auction I saw). This line is known for its deep mahogany red. Apparently the result of generations and generations of crosses and back breeding. This is also a colour that without very diligent breeding selection can easily turn brassy or orange. The European lines diverge considerably, looking more like  blue laced gold than a blue laced red. Despite numerous attempts to secure breeding stock from Foley we never had so much as a returned email. And so began our search for the start of our flock.

We purchased breeding stock from local Canadian breeders that can only be described as disappointing. They were predominately blue laced orange birds of questionable type.

After three such miserable attempts, and failing to find anything better anywhere in Canada we finally realized that if we were ever going to get anything close to the real McCoy, we were going to have to make a trip to the US and import our own.

If you have ever considered importing livestock from another country, even the US, all I can say it that you must be determined (crazy?), be prepared to burn money, and adept at logistics. I won’t even get into explaining all the hurdles, hoops and obstacles one must overcome or the expense of it all. But determined as we were, a 20 hour round trip road trip to Michigan we did make, on April 1, 2018 in the middle of freezing rain turned blizzard.

While we were not able to get any of Foleys’ line, we were able to get the descendants of two other very reputable, prize winning American BLRW breeders, Max Strawn and Mary Giffith from another breeder in Michigan named Kathy Poll. In 2019 we hatched over 100 chicks, out of which we retained only 6 hens and 3 roosters that we deemed suitable to maintain the quality we had imported. Our culls were sold to hobbyists. They were the first Canadian generation of Indian Creek BLRWs. In 2020 we will begin hatching the 2nd generation, breeding only the best of our best.

If you are interested in acquiring  this bloodline for your flock do reach out. We will begin compiling our waiting list in January 2020. We expect to have straight run chicks available sometime in March and will continue hatching through the summer. Send us an email to join our waiting list.

$20 each straight run (minimum order of 6)
Farm pick-up only
We do not sell hatching eggs (please do not ask)

Note: The Andalusian blue gene that produces the blue lacing in BLRWs does not breed true. Offspring that are homozygous (XX) are splash laced (25%) , hetrozygous (Xx) are blue laced (50%), and lacking the blue gene (xx) are black laced (25%). Straight run chicks will be a mixture of all three patterns.




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From Hwy 29, turn south on Cedarhill Sideroad, turn right at the T. We are on the shores of the Indian Creek. If you cross the bridge you have gone too far.


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We will be open to the public June 10 through Oct 14, 2020
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