Eco Farm Day 2019

Scott Sigurdson Life on Orchard Garden

We just got back from Eco-Farm Day, the annual conference of the Canadian Organic Growers. There were lots of great lectures on leaning the farm, recent research on cover crops, understanding fungi’s role in the eco-system. Far an away the most exciting part of the conference was the full day Sunday workshop on Holistic Orcharding, by one of our early inspirations, the man who wrote the book, The Holistic Orchard, Michael Phillips. We ‘ve never met anyone as knowledgeable as Micheal on the every aspect of holistic fruit growing. His methods that go far far beyond organic standard, into ways …

The 2019 growing season is now underway

Scott Sigurdson Life on Orchard Garden, Shareholder Reports

We’ve been busy seeding and germinating trays of onions, eggplant, peppers and tomatoes the past couple weeks. At the moment everything is still indoors, but as the plants mature and get potted up we will move them to the greenhouse. Probably mid march. We could go into the greenhouse earlier but the cost of propane heat in -25°C weather is prohibitive. The 1000W light bulb we use as a grow light produces alot of heat, which means that we don’t burn as much wood heating our home while the starts are inside our home. Two birds, one stone.

This summers layers

Scott Sigurdson Life on Orchard Garden

We’re busy hatching chickens that will be this summers laying hens. Our house sounds like a tropical rain forest with all the birdsong happening now. Close your eyes and you could almost imagine it wasn’t -25°C outside. On Friday we had our most successful hatch ever, 15 out of 17 eggs hatched into beautiful healthy little fluffy butts. These chicks are a mixture of blue wyandottes and blue laced red wyandottes. FYI – The blue gene does not breed true, you get 25% splash (white) 50% blue and 25% black chicks. But this variability makes for a very attractive looking …