Life in the Garden

Our small market garden is sown in raised beds that run between rows of fruit trees, bush fruits and grape vine trellises. We grow fresh healthy vegetables according to the principles outlined Organic Standard of Canada. We use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides whatsoever. What minor pest interventions we do use are more along the lines of soap and water, insect netting, and our fully screened greenhouse. We also deploy a large herd of amphibians that call our irrigation pond home.

We fertilize only with well composted poultry and horse manures, top dressing with organic compost and crushed rock powders. We also stimulate our soils biology with our custom brewed compost tea (See Principles). Hand cultivation and ground covers (landscape fabric and tarps) are the only ways we manage weeds.

All of this is to say, that you are not going to find healthier safer vegetables than what we grow at Indian Creek Orchard Gardens.

Our vegetables are available as part of a gardenshare that we deliver to our seasons garden shareholders, at our farm gate on the days and times listed below. We are not planning on attending any farmers markets in 2019, although you might find us at some of the garlic festivals (TBC).

2019 Crop Plan
Beans; Green & Yellow Snap beans, Fava Beans, Soya Beans (Edamame) | Brassicas; Brocolli, Brussell sprouts, Green cabbage, Red cabbage, Nappa cabbage, Kohlrabi, Rapini, Sprouting broccoli | Cantaloupe | Cucumbers; English, Slicing, Pickling | Greens; Arugula, Kale (curly), Kale (dinosaur), Kale (red), Spinnach, Swiss chard, Salad mix, Beet greens, Bok Choy (full size), Bok Choy (baby), Mustard Greens, Baby Kale, Baby Arugula, Microgreens, Sorel,  | Herbs; Anise Hysop, Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Stevia, Thyme | Lettuce; Bibb, Boston, Butterhead, Romaine (red), Romaine (green), Leaf, Mini heads, Oakleaf | Nighshades; Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Shepherd peppers, Hot peppers | Alliums; Garlic, Fennel, Shallots, Red, Yellow, Green, Walla walla, Chllipoti | Roots; Beets (red), Beets (gold) , Carrots (orange), Carrots (purple), Carrots (red), Carrots (yellow), Parsnips, Radish, Salsify, Scorzonera, Salad Turnips, Storage Turnips, Rutabega | Tomatoes; Beefsteak, Red slicers, Yellow (low acid), Heirloom, Unique Heirloom (multi-coloured) | Squash; Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup, Delicata | Watermelon; Sugar Baby, Blacktail Mountain | Zuchhini; Black, Green & Yellow.
Over 25 heirloom tomato varieties
Microgreens and gourmet salad mixes


#919 Sugarbush Road
Pakenham, Ontario  K0A 2X0
(613) 914-7444

From Hwy 29, turn south on Cedarhill Sideroad, turn right at the T. We are on the shores of the Indian Creek. If you cross the bridge you have gone too far.


Farm Stand

Until further notice the farm stand is only open to shareholders
Wednesdays – 2-7pm,
Saturdays – 9-1pm

Farmers Market

We are planning to exhibit at the Perth Garlic Festival. Due to the popularity of our garden share program, we will not be regularly attending other farmers markets this year.