Indian Creek Garlic

At Indian Creek Orchard Garden we are obsessed with garlic. Garlic is our single largest crop (not counting fruit). A quarter of our farm is devoted to growing some of the healthiest, heirloom garlic available anywhere. Consistent with how we grow everything at Indian Creek Orchard Gardens, there are no pesticides or chemical fertilizers used on our garlic crop (or anywhere else). Our garlic is 100% naturally grown using artisanal, organic growing methods.

Garlic is a hungry crop. The soil our garlic is grown in is amended with tons (literally!) of organic matter; compost, local manure and incorporated cover crops. We mulch our garlic beds with local certified organic oat straw from a neighbouring farm. This mulch insulates our garlic, buffering it from harsh Canadian winters. In the spring it also helps to suppress weed growth, retain moisture and moderate temperature fluctuations in the soil. When the garlic is harvested this straw is incorporated into the soil , giving the soil yet another boost in organic matter. We move our garlic patch every year (partitioning it with time) so that pest populations and disease do not accumulate or get out of control.

When we set out to grow garlic years ago, we sought out bespoke heirloom varieties that are unique in flavour, colour and size. We have curated a unique gourmet palette of garlic that will help any chef bring his dish to life. In mid July, when our garlic is harvested, we grade according to bulb size. The largest bulbs are reserved as seed for the following season. What isn’t used as seed is cured and either wrapped into braids or or trimmed and sold by weight for culinary use.

Porcelain garlic varieties

Fish Lake 3 (Hot)
Hardneck Garlic, Porcelain
The foremost variety from the late “Garlic Man” Ted Maczka is stronger than most porcelains. These white bulbs have 5 to 6 cloves and the clove wrappers are purplish pink.

Georgia Fire (Dear god!)
Hardneck Garlic, Porcelain
This stuff is “White Hot”! Proceed with caution. A fiery porcelain with big, easy to peel cloves. It originated in the Republic of Georgia.

Ivan (Hot) SOLD OUT for 2019
Hardneck Garlic, Porcelain
A rare, very hot porcelain found from a Mennonite farmer whose family brought it from central Europe. Purple skins cover 4 -5 cloves.

Northumberland (Medium) SOLD OUT for 2019
Hardneck Garlic, Porcelain
We’ve never seen garlic this size before. We almost mistook it as elephant garlic. It has 4 large easy to peel cloves. HUGE!

Early Red Italian (Mild) SOLD OUT for 2019
Hardneck Garlic, Porcelain
Italian Red is an early maturing hardneck variety with robust, complex flavors with a hint of heat; even raw it is mild and sauteed/roasted it becomes nutty, buttery, rich and sweet. Each bulb averages 6-8 lavender-brown cloves per bulb.

Other varieties

Khabar (Mild)
Hardneck Garlic, Purple Stripe
Excellent marbled purple stripe garlic which has a mild heat when raw and mild creamy flavor when cooked.

Purple Stripe (Hot)
Hardneck Garlic, Purple Stripe
This cultivar originated in the “old country” without a formal name, so we call it, what it is. The wrappers are streaked with purple and the 8 to 9 cloves have tan skins with plum stripes. It is a member of the Purple Stripes, the modern-day cultivars most closely linked to the “original” garlic. Characterized by heat and a flavour that is full of complexity and depth.

Red Korean (Medium-Hot)
Hardneck Garlic, Rocambole
Korean Red Hot usually has anywhere from 8 or 9 easy to peel cloves that are of good size, with no smaller inner cloves. The outer bulb wrappers are thin and flake off easily so it does not store long, but no Rocambole does – through the fall and into winter. Great taste is their claim to fame, not long storage.


Garlic braids $15/lb

Bulk loose culinary garlic $14/lb
Shareholders cost $12/lb

Seed garlic SOLD OUT for 2019
3″+ bulbs $20/lb
2.5″+ bulbs $17.50/lb
2″+ bulbs $15/lb



#919 Sugarbush Road
Pakenham, Ontario  K0A 2X0
(613) 914-7444

From Hwy 29, turn south on Cedarhill Sideroad, turn right at the T. We are on the shores of the Indian Creek. If you cross the bridge you have gone too far.


Farm Stand

Until further notice the farm stand is only open to shareholders
Wednesdays – 2-7pm,
Saturdays – 9-1pm

Farmers Market

We are planning to exhibit at the Perth Garlic Festival. Due to the popularity of our garden share program, we will not be regularly attending other farmers markets this year.