Open Farm Day 2019

May 25, 2019

Learn all about organic fruit & vegetable farming at Indian Creek Orchard Garden. Meet your farmers. Ask questions.

Walking lecture
Organic Walkabout
| 10am
This is a walking lecture where Scott Sigurdson, co-founder of Indian Creek Orchard Gardens, will explain all of the natural growing methods in use at Indian Creek Orchard Garden. These are the methods that allow us to produce safe, healthy, nutrient dense fruit and vegetables without resort to any chemical pesticides or fertilizers of any kind.

We will elaborate on how we use the structure of the orchard garden to create natural partitions that buffer it from disease and insect pressure. We will discuss the pests, the predators, their habitats and the implications.

We will also discuss how we use time as a partition as well show you several examples of man made partitions as additional tools in the arsenal of the organic gardener. We will also demonstrate how we use the topography of your site and our drainage system to ensure water autonomy and prevent any offsite contamination from entering our growing areas. We will touch on the organic weed control methods we use in the orchard garden. We are reviving many low tech methods that were in use before the chemical revolution in agriculture. Expect to be surprised by some of the equipment you will see.

There will be many many take away’s for the novice and the veteran gardener alike. For our season shareholders, this will give you a solid understanding of how we grow your food and the measures we have in place to ensure that it is healthiest produce available anywhere.

General Tour | 12:00 noon
This is a casual narrated tour of every area of the orchard garden. We will visit the greenhouses, the propagation house, the vegetable beds, the grape vines, the orchard and the irrigation pond. We will touch on our methods, equipment, challenges and successes. See the our pastured flock of heritage chickens in action. Meet Hans, the bantam rooster who loves to be picked up. Brings the kids!



Organic Wild Parsnip Management
| 2:00pm
Mississippi Mills and Lanark County will be spraying roadsides this summer. If you do not want spraying near you, you can Opt-out or Adopt a Road. In either event, you will need to manage the wild parsnip. In this workshop/lecture will be demonstrating the many organic methods available to deal with Wild Parsnip.

These methods include solarization, occulation, mowing, mulching, hand pulling and revegetation as well timing for all of these. We’ll discuss best practices for all of these and how to know which is the most appropriate tactic for a given situation. We’ll also be discussing the wild parsnip life cycle and the “benefits” of wild parsnip.

Farm Stand | 9:30-3:00pm
This is the season opening of the farm stand, we have the first cut of our spring greens available, along with a selection of our spring roots. We will also have limited quantities of our most popular tomatoes available; Hawaiian Pineapple, Black Beauty, and Atomic Grape to name few, but many more as well. Quantities are limited, come early.

This is a kid friendly event. Take a tour. Bring a lunch. Wander around. Enjoy the first spring social. Leave your dogs at home.



#919 Sugarbush Road
Pakenham, Ontario
(613) 914-7444

From Hwy 29, turn south on Cedarhill Sideroad, turn right at the T. We are on the shores of the Indian Creek. If you cross the bridge you have gone too far.


Farm Stand

Beginning June 13, the farm stand is open on:
Wednesdays – 2-7pm,
Saturdays – 9am-1pm

Farmers Market

Due to the popularity of our garden share program, we are not regularly attending farmers markets this year.