THERE WILL BE NO FRUIT IN 2021. The four hard frosts on the Victoria Day weekend killed most of the flowers, and what did survive fell prey to the gypsy moth caterpillars. Please check back in 2022.

We thought it would be interesting to take the road less traveled with our orchard. And so began our quest for heirloom fruit, apples, grapes, pears and plums. We scoured the country looking for just the right varieties. These heirloom varieties were the favorites of our ancestors, revered for their unique and rich flavors as well as for their ability to naturally withstand pests and disease. Back then heirlooms were rejected for what seemed like solid reasoning at the time: They ripened at intervals, making supply unpredictable, grew to odd sizes that did not fit processing equipment, and were too tender to transport. The hybrids that supplanted the heirlooms were more suited to large-scale production and shipping, but often at the expense of flavor and nutrition. At Indian Creek Orchard Gardens, we sell tree ripened fruit the day it is harvested, and we don’t ship our fruit. So heirloom fruit make all kinds of sense for us and for you. Taste the difference.

To assist our heirloom fruit orchard in withstanding insect and disease pressures, we have taken a different tack at Indian Creek Orchard Gardens.

To create as diverse an ecosystem as possible we have adopted a polyculture agroforestry approach to the orchard layout. Our orchard rows are intercropped with vegetables, berrys, grape vines and swaths of wild pasture. Within the rows we have mixed different varieties of apple, pear, plum and hazel trees. This makes our orchard more resilient to the onset of pest or disease due to the natural partitions that result from this layout. An apple disease or pest will have traverse 3 or 4 trees or cross several vegetable beds, before it finds another apple tree to infect.

When problems do occur they are isolated and slow moving, giving us time to consider and react with an appropriate intervention.

This orchard layout also allows us to use our land more efficiently. Creating vertical layers allows a considerably denser planting than would otherwise be possible. And finally, the diversity that exists within this structure gives habitat to a much wider range of animal and insect life, much of it beneficial. Our orchard is also arranged by harvest date, with the earliest varieties ripening in the east and the late varieties ripening in the west. This allows for a systematic harvest within an otherwise somewhat chaotic scheme. At Indian Creek Orchard Gardens, you won’t see many of the varieties you see in the supermarket.

Our orchard began producing in commercial quantities in 2019. Fruit is not included in our garden shares. As our orchard continues to mature we may offer a fruit share. But for now our fruit, when available, can only be purchased at our farm stand on Wednesday’s (2-7pm) and on Saturday’s (9am-1pm). Follow us on facebook to see when our fruit is being harvested. We do not offer pick-your-own fruit.



#919 Sugarbush Road
Pakenham, Ontario  K0A 2X0
(613) 914-7444

From Hwy 29, turn south on Cedarhill Sideroad, turn right at the T. We are on the shores of the Indian Creek. If you cross the bridge you have gone too far.


Farm Stand

Covid safety measures in effect.
Thursdays – 3pm-7pm,
Saturdays – 9am-1pm

Farmers Market

We will be at the Almonte Farmers Market on Saturday mornings this year.