The elusive snow sprouts

Scott SigurdsonShareholder Reports

That only come out after a snowfall. That’s what you’re looking at in the photo above. 6 inches of snow, and the joy of harvesting beets through it. See the big smile on Marisa’s face? It seems everything has gotten sweeter, cilantro included. Judging by the look of many of our hardier crops though, that will soon be coming to an end. The tops on much of this weeks harvest look like they are their last legs, I guess that what happens when your foliage is flattened under half a foot of wet snow. It does make the harvest a bit of a challenge, in some cases we’ve removed the tops, but don’t let put you off. As I mentioned, everything is sweeter (much!) as a result.

Roots are the bread and butter of late season growing, messy and muddy, but Uber sweet this time of year. Hakurei turnips, he sweetest they have been all year and too cold for bug damage. Radishs, next week we start on the greenhouse patch. Beets, sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Carrots, OMG!

Lots of salad mix, this stuff loves the cold! Kale, not so thrilled with the weight of six inches of snow. ARUGULA!!!!!! says “bring it on baby!” The fennel tops said no way his week, so enjoy the bulb, along with onions and some of the sweetest tasting cilantro on the face of the planet, from Marisa’s herb patch.

See you tomorrow afternoon (bring your mittens!)
Marisa & Scott