The garden under snow

Scott SigurdsonShareholder Reports

Fear not, this recent snow affects us not one bit. Well, some vegetables may be a little flatter than normal. Wet snow is heavy! All our outdoor crops that were with us last week are still with us this week. The sky has not fallen. But luckily (for us) the snow has melted, for now.

Our salad mix is the heavy weight of the greens department, flanked by both arugula and kale this week. Some of the kale looked a little war torn. Wet snow is to kale what freezing rain is to trees. But sooo sweet ! Asian greens are doing  well, the cool weather makes them sweeter and the heads denser. We have some hefty nappa cabbages along with  komatsuna this week. You know carrots and beets are on the menu, which ever varieties have the smallest puddles about them when I go to harvest in a few minutes. Dig out your winter squash recipes this week. Expect onions as well.

See you this afternoon.
Marisa & Scott