Winter is coming

Scott Sigurdson Shareholder Reports

Welcome to the fall edition. Our group has shrunk from the crowd of 160 families we fed this summer, to an intimate group of just 10 families. You, the stalwarts. Full marks to you.

The be completely candid, this extended share is a bit of an experiment for us. In the previous two years we have managed to feed ourselves until the first weeks of December. Much of what will comprise the extended shares is already grown, some harvested, some still to be harvested, some is still growing, and some like micro greens have yet to be sown. During the summer, we know that it takes 30 days after transplanting before a head of lettuce can be harvested. This time of year, with less than 12 hours of sunlight and much colder temperatures, it might take two or even 3 times as long. The cold might  kill it altogether. We know what we have planned, what remains is to be seen is how much of it can be delivered. So bear with us and lets see how this goes.

This week, for sure, you can expect a spicy salad mix, your choice of greens, greenhouse peppers, salsa kits (tomatillos, cilantro and hot peppers), broccoli, onions, garlic, beets, carrots and radishes.

There will be a couple changes to the way farm pick-up’s will work. To reiterate, Wednesday’s at Indian Creek Orchard Gardens from 3-8pm is now the only pick-up time and location available. As we switch gears from what felt like two full time jobs each this summer to what will now be a very part time responsibility, we will no longer be keeping regular hours at the farm other than our commitment to be there on Wednesday afternoon/evening for you. We will still meet you at the farm stand on Wednesday’s, but with the cold weather and early nightfalls ahead,  chances are we’ll be keeping warm in the house while we wait for you to arrive. Honk your horn briefly as you pull into the parking lot to let us know you have arrived. See you on Wednesday.