Winter with bells on

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Well, no amount of denial is going make the snow melt. We’re taking the last couple outdoor items off our to do lists this week. All of the harvesting this week will be from the greenhouse and hoop houses. Even there winter is reaching in. The outer beds in the hoophouse now have a frozen crust on the soil most mornings. Getting enough lettuce for this week was touch and go. Its not every lettuce variety that can withstand being frozen to -14C and still taste good thawed out. Luckily for us we have a few varieties still in the game. Lots of casualties though too.

In the roots department, you can look forward to the winter mainstays; beets, carrots, radishes and salad turnips this week. In the greens category we’ve got survivor lettuce mix along with mizuna, mustard greens and the very last of our chard. From the storeroom staples, we begin clearing out the last of the onions, garlic, and winter squash. Marisa says we’ve got sage or thyme in the herb department this week.

And next week? Lets see what survives the cold snap forecast for the next couple days, but if all goes to plan we’ll have a couple varieties of true baby bok choy, the last of our cabbage and cilantro, likely kale and arugula too. A reminder to all that next week will be the last pick-up of the year.

See you tomorrow afternoon (bring your mittens!)
Marisa & Scott

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